The minute I saw this tag over at rosepetalpages, I KNEW I had to take a swing at it myself! If you were unaware, I absolutely adore both Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses! I realize that there are aspects of both series that are problematic, but I still love them both so much so this could get a little rough trying to choose! If you want to check out the original tag, go check it out over at Through Prose Tinted Pages.

Favorite Main Character: Aelin or Ferye?

I’m going to have to go with Aelin on this one. She has such a complex backstory and I just love how powerful she is! Not that Feyre isn’t powerful, but there is just something about Aelin that I adore. She went through so much to get to where she is now and I just hope she makes it through!

Winner: Throne of Glass


Favorite Love Interest: Rowan or Rhysand?

This is an easy one for me! My favorite is Rhysand, hands down. I actually am not really a fan of Rowan, but I’m in the process of rereading to prepare (lol) for Kingdom of Ash so maybe my opinion of him will change. I just love Rhys so much that there is basically no competition!

Winner: ACOTAR


Better First Book: Throne of Glass or A Court of Thorns and Roses?

Again, this is a fairly easy one for me. I read Throne of Glass first so it has a special place in my heart, and you can tell that it is setting up a lot more for the world and characters. You know that there is so much more to Celaena than what you are told, and it’s just so great! I think that if I had read ACOTAR first, it would be my favorite so they are pretty much interchangeable aside from the fact that I read ToG first.

Winner: Throne of Glass


Favorite Stong Female Side Character: Manon or Nesta?

I absolutely hate how Nesta treats her family and friends, so I’m going to go with Manon. Not going to lie, her chapters in Queen of Shadows were what kept me going because I was starting to not really enjoy Aelin’s chapters as much, and she really saved that book. Not only that, but Manon has Abraxos and he is such a sweet boy!

Winner: Throne of Glass


Better Squad: Aelin’s Court or Rhys’ Inner Circle?

Because they have such great chemistry and strong bonds, I’m going with the inner circle. They have had a lot of time to grow together and really get to know each other, whereas Aelin’s court is pretty haphazard and spread out, and they don’t all get along. The inner circle feels more like a family and they are so much fun to read about!

Winner: ACOTAR


Favorite Female Friendship?

This one is so tough! Mor and Feyre are always there for each other and support each other when its really needed, but Aelin and Lysandra are as well! I think I’m going to have to go with Aelin and Lysandra, because again, Aelin has gone through so much and doesn’t really have many female friends to begin with. Plus her and Lysandra started off as enemies and became inseparable!

Winner: Throne of Glass


Best Evil Villain: King of Adarlan or Amarantha?

Amarantha was beaten pretty easily compared to the King of Adarlan, but we know more about Amarantha’s motives. I think I’m going to have to go with the King of Adarlan, because he enslaved so many people and conquered so many kingdoms, but we know so little about how that all happened that it’s a little terrifying. I think it would be so great if we got more backstory on him in Kingdom of Ash!

Winner: Throne of Glass


Better setting: Erilea or Prythian?

I feel like there is so much more to the world of Erilea than there is to the world of Prythian. There are other continents and cultures, and it seems like we’ve only just scratched the surface, because there are also the “alternate” worlds that exist in the portals!

Winner: Throne of Glass


Better Ex-boyfriend: Chaol or Tamlin?

Chaol. No questions. I still think that Chaol deserves so much more, plus I think that he should’ve been the one to end up with Celaena in the end, but I do like Yrene so I guess it’s not all bad, and Tamlin is just an asshole and deserves no one.

Winner: Throne of Glass


Better Novella: The Assassin’s Blade or A Court of Frost and Starlight?

I liked how rosepetalpages changed this because the last ToG book isn’t out yet, so I’m going with her edit!

As much as I enjoyed ACOFAS, there really wasn’t a lot of things that happened and it didn’t really add on to the story, while The Assassin’s Blade gives you a TON of backstory for Celaena and some of the characters you meet later on that she calls in old favors from. So I’m going with The Assassin’s Blade!

Winner: Throne of Glass




Throne of Glass: 8

A Court of Thorns and Roses: 2

Winner: Throne of Glass

I’m not surprised at all that Throne of Glass won because if I had to choose a favorite of the two series, it would definitely win. I didn’t expect it to win by so much though! I thought the final numbers would be much closer, but I guess I underestimated my love of ToG!

Is anyone else excited and nervous for Kingdom of Ash? Did you pre-order the book? Are you doing any series rereads to prepare? Not quite sure how any of us are going to be able to prepare for the heartbreak that is coming, but we can all try, right?


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