Spooky Bookshelves

Today for #blogtober day 6, I wanted to show off my fall bookshelf decorations! I did a full bookshelf tour previously if you are interested in checking that out. Almost everything on my shelves are from the craft store A.C. Moore. I only decorate my three main shelves, as the fourth shelf is not super visible.

I’ll start with the two shelves side by side! These are my favorite two bookcases because they are pretty much the centerpiece in my living room. Some shelves have more decorations than others, and the bottom two shelves aren’t pictured because they don’t have any decorations on them currently.

At the very top of these bookcases, I started stacking some books, which I need to reorganize so they look nicer. But I have this cute little metal owl and some leaf garland.



Then on the top left shelf, I have another little owl that is dressed up as a mummy! This is actually a bobble head, so his whole body moves if you poke it. And I also have a (fake) pumpkin with flowers on top of it.



Moving down a shelf on the left, I have two small pumpkins and this really cool steampunk pumpkin scarecrow.



Then again moving down the left bookcase, I have a crow on a pumpkin that says spooky, plus some leaves and pine cones for the fall feel.



Down to the last shelf with decorations on the left side, I have this pumpkin snow globe that was given to my by my grandmother and this adorable little pumpkin!



Then moving over to the right bookcase and back to the top, the only thing on this shelf that is ~spooky~ is another owl bobble head, this one is dressed up as a ghost!



Moving down a shelf, I have some more pumpkins and pine cones. Plus sitting on top of my books is a Ouija board tin that I got in an Owlcrate box.



Moving down again, I have some more pumpkins and this super cool poison bottle!



And then the final decorated shelf has my masquerade mask, another adorable little pumpkin, and a cute little bird in fall clothing. I actually own a few of these birds that are winter/Christmas themed as well!



And the final shelf I will show you is the one you see when you walk into my apartment. I love that this one is shorter so I can put more decorations on top! So I of course have more pumpkins and pine cones, and some more leaves on the actual shelves.



So that is it for my spooky fall decorations tour! I hope you all enjoyed it, because I always love showing off my shelves and the books that I have.





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  2. Kim Avatar

    I love how you’ve styled your shelves for Autumn. We always do this for Christmas but I’m going to suggest we started doing it for other seasons as well.

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    1. meltingpages Avatar

      thank you! I’m really excited to do it for Christmas too!


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