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So I just got back from an impromptu camping trip with my family and realized that I didn’t actually type up a blog post for today! Since I’m trying really hard to do Blogtober and I haven’t missed a day yet, I was scrambling to pull something together and remembered that I saw this tag done by Destiny over at Howling Libraries and thought it was a great tag to do today!

Black Coffee: Name a series that’s tough to get into but has hardcore fans


I honestly think that Destiny had the best answer for this (Nevernight) but in the interest of saying something different I’m going to go with A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin! While I myself am a HUGE fan of both the books and the show, I’ve heard from plenty of people that it’s too intimidating to start it.


Peppermint Mocha: Name a book that gets more popular during the winter or a festive time of year


Personally I don’t really read too much seasonally, although I definitely try to but I always end up failing. (Just look at this month, I haven’t read a single spooky read yet!) But one that I have on my shelves that I think gets popular in the winter is the His Dark Materials series, but that just could be me imagining it because I’ve wanted to read it for a few years now in the winter!


Hot Chocolate: What is your favorite children’s book


In terms of books your parents read to you as a child type of children’s book, it’s definitely Wonderful You! My parents would read this to me multiple times a day every day and I can still recite parts of it by heart. As far as favorite middle grade, probably the Immortals series by Tamora Pierce.




Double Shot of Espresso: Name a book that kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish

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I think any time a question like this pops up, my answer will always be the same for a few different reasons. First reason is that this book was one of the first ARCs I was approved for from NetGalley, and secondly, it was an E-book which I hate reading but I read it in two days! If you own the physical copy (like I do now) you know this isn’t a short book, so for me to finish it in two days in e-book form means that this book really held my attention and I just could not put it down!best-15-page-divider-image

Starbucks: Name a book you see everywhere


This series is extremely popular to begin with, but I feel like with fall being here it’s popping up more and more recently! It’s definitely a very atmospheric series and really makes you think of fall, with all the paranormal happenings.


That Hipster Coffee Shop: Give a book by an indie author a shout-out


Okay I have a few books I want to mention in this section. First is Theft of Swords by Michael J Sullivan. Sullivan was originally a self-published author and his books were picked up by Orbit and rereleased, but he still deserves all the recognition for his amazing books! The next two books are ones I haven’t read yet, but come highly recommended by people who have read them: Valley of Embers by Steven Kelliher and It Takes a Thief to Catch a Sunrise by Rob Hayes.


Oops! I Accidentally Got Decaf: Name a book you were expecting more of


The first one that comes to mind that is the most recent one is Not Even Bones. It was an enjoyable book, but I just wanted a lot more from it, and I was expecting to be grossed out from the amount of gore and it just didn’t happen. I do have a review up for this book if you are interested in checking it out here.


The Perfect Blend: Name a book or series that was both bitter and sweet, but ultimately satisfying


This is a tough one for me, mainly because if I don’t have the series on my shelves I forget about it, and a lot of the series I’m loving right now aren’t even finished! Because of that, I’m going to go with the same series Destiny mentioned: Shades of Magic. I have no idea how Victoria Schwab can create such a fantastic world, but she managed to do it and make us fall in love with every single character.


Green Tea: Name a book or series that is quietly beautiful

Fantasy is a tough genre for this question, and since at this point in my life I almost exclusively read fantasy, I honestly don’t think I have an answer for this question! If anyone has any recommendations in the fantasy genre for something like this let me know!


Chai Tea: Name a book or series that makes you dream of far off places


This book is actually the one I’m currently reading, and one of the main reasons I’m loving it so much is because of the setting! It makes me want to travel to Ireland and Scotland and see the glens and lochs and bogs!


Earl Grey: Name your favorite classic

Again, I read almost exclusively fantasy although I’ve been buying more classics lately because I really do want to start reading them! So right now I don’t have a favorite but I have a feeling that I will really love the Sherlock stories!


I won’t be officially tagging anyone, but if you’ve read this far into the post then consider yourself tagged!


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