Behind Her Eyes REVIEW

I struggled with most of this book, but I kept pushing through it because everyone was always talking about how crazy and unexpected the ending is. Let me just say that everyone is correct when they say that you will NEVER guess this ending! In this book we follow Adele and David, who are a … Continue reading Behind Her Eyes REVIEW


ABC Book Challenge |F|

It's Friday which means it's time for another installment into the ABC Book Challenge! Honestly, this challenge is saving me today because I literally had nothing planned, which means that I need to brainstorm this weekend for some new post ideas! But all that aside, this week is the sixth week of me participating in … Continue reading ABC Book Challenge |F|

Discussion: The Goodreads Challenge & Why It Kinda Sucks

As we have been getting closer to the end of the year, that means that everyone is rushing to reach their Goodreads goal, and that is where my discussion today comes in. The Goodreads reading challenge is a fun way to see how many books you actually read in a year and compare that with … Continue reading Discussion: The Goodreads Challenge & Why It Kinda Sucks