ULTIMATE BLOG TOUR | The Written by Ben Galley

When the information for this tour went out, I realized that the cover of The Written looked really familiar to me. Then when I went to add it to my Goodreads, I realized that I had already added it to my TBR, so I was even more excited to read and review this book for … Continue reading ULTIMATE BLOG TOUR | The Written by Ben Galley

Medieval-a-thon TBR | July TBR

I am so excited for my TBR for July, and the reason is because of the Medieval-a-thon hosted by Holly Hearts Books! I don't normally participate in readathons because I have a tough time sticking to a TBR. This is the first year I decided that I wanted to try a TBR to see how … Continue reading Medieval-a-thon TBR | July TBR