The Write Reads Blog Lift

Today is a special day! The Write Reads gang is joining together to show our appreciation for Dave, who is the amazing guy who runs The Write Reads! It's crazy to think of all the work he puts into this group to make everything run so smoothly and give so much attention to us book … Continue reading The Write Reads Blog Lift

First Ten Reviews

I saw this somewhere online (maybe it was a Top 10 Tuesday post?) and thought that it was a fun idea to talk about the first ten reviews I ever did on my blog! Once September comes I will be celebrating my 2 year blog anniversary, and what better way to lead up to that … Continue reading First Ten Reviews

July 2019 Releases – Better Late Than Never

I've been slacking so badly on my monthly releases posts and I feel kinda bad, not just because I want to show everyone what books I'm looking forward to but also because I use my own posts as references for which books are coming out when! So, better late than never for the releases that … Continue reading July 2019 Releases – Better Late Than Never

Books I Love That Have Low Goodreads Ratings

I saw the lovely Kristin from Kristin Kraves Books make a post about the books she loves that don't have the best Goodreads ratings, and I thought that it would be fun to see which books I've loved that aren't necessarily popular on Goodreads myself! I usually check Goodreads before I think about buying a … Continue reading Books I Love That Have Low Goodreads Ratings