Birthday Book Tag (Take 2)

I did this tag for the first timelast year for my birthday, so it only seems fitting that I do it again this year to see what my new answers would be! I can’t believe an entire year has passed already. The older you get, the faster time goes by!


Birthday Cake – A book with a plot that seems cliché but you adore it anyway

Shadow FrostI’m a total sucker for books where the main character finds out they’re more powerful than they expected and end up falling into the chosen one trope. One of the books I’ve read recently that has this was Shadow Frost by Coco Ma! I absolutely adored this book and I can’t wait until the sequel comes out!



Party Guests – Your most anticipated book release for this year

House of Earth and BloodThe problem with your birthday being on the last day of the year is that there are no more new releases to look forward to this year! So one of my most anticipated releases for 2020 is House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas, but I don’t think that will surprise anyone (although I don’t like the cover). Keep an eye out for a list of January 2020 releases in the next few days!


Birthday Presents – A book that surprised you with how much you loved it

The Lightning ThiefImmediately the first one that comes to mind is the Percy Jackson series. As of right now, I’ve read the first three books in the series and plan on finishing it out in early 2020! The reason I didn’t think I would enjoy this series as much as I have been is because I’m not really the target audience anymore and thought that it would read too young for me to really enjoy. I was wrong though! You can definitely still enjoy Percy Jackson as an adult reading it for the first time!


“Happy Birthday” Song – A book that certainly deserved all the hype it got

Red, White and Royal BlueHmmm well if we are talking about 2019 books only that I’ve read this year, I have two answers. First, A Curse so Dark and Lonely! This one came out in January 2019 and I didn’t get to read it until almost the end of the year, but it certainly lives up to the hype. The second book would be Red, White and Royal Blue! Honestly, I think everyone needs to read this because it was so sweet and the topics that it tackled were done so well!


Happy Music – A book with some very beautiful and truly memorable quotes.

IlluminaeLike I said last year, I don’t really mark quotes or remember them (until I see them on merch somewhere) but one book stands out to me because I could pick out quotes from it while reading and that would be Illuminae. I like that I already knew the popular quotes while going into it so I was able to point them out as I was reading!



Getting Older – A book you read a long time ago, but you think you would appreciate more if you read it as a more mature reader.

Brave New WorldLast year my answer for this was The Book Thief. That still stands as a great answer, but I think another book I would appreciate more now is something like Brave New World. I had to read this in high school and from what I remembered a lot of it went over my head, so I feel like if I read it now I would understand it more, and with our current political climate it could be an interesting read now.


Sweet Birthday Memories – A book that kept you incredibly happy during a sad or demanding period of your life.

Throne of GlassA book that always makes me happy when I read it or think about it would be Throne of Glass, although I don’t often get to reread the books that I love very often. However, I’ve been very fortunate that my life so far has been a happy one for the most part, so I don’t often need to think of books to get me through tough times.



Thank you so much to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday, and thank you all for another great year on this blog! I can’t wait to share 2020 with all of you!






2 responses to “Birthday Book Tag (Take 2)”

  1. Lucy @ Sunstarbooks Avatar

    I haven’t read A Curse so Dark and Lonely, but I loved Red, White and Royal Blue and completely agree with you about all the hype!

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  2. indulgentreaders Avatar

    I love this list. While I still have not read the Book Theif (yet another on my TBR) have read the Throne of Glass as I reieved it as a birthday present. The restof the series was delievered today and I am planning on wading my way through it as soon as soon as possible.

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