Medieval-a-thon TBR (May TBR)

It’s time for Medieval-a-thon again and I’m so excited to be sharing the books that I’ve chosen for all these prompts! If you don’t know what Medieval-a-thon is, it’s a month long readathon run by the wonderful Holly from HollyHeartsBooks! The different prompts in this readathon determines what you wear, what weapons you have, and what animal is your companion! Oh, and you can’t double up on any of the prompts this time around.

My game plan for this is to choose a book for each prompt and then see how many of them I can get through because some of the books I chose are really long. I also don’t have anything chosen for the buddy read prompt because I’ve never done a buddy read before and I don’t know if I can really commit to that! I’m also using the info-graphics that Holly made, so these do not belong to me!

medieval a thon levelsThe first graphic shows the rankings, which depends on how many books you manage to read during this readathon! There are a total of 18 prompts, so it shouldn’t be too hard for me to get to the highest level, which is only 7 books and that’s right around the number of books I usually finish in a month. Of course, with everything that’s going on in the world, reading hasn’t been my priority so we’ll see how this goes!


medievalathon wardrome

The first set of prompts is for your wardrobe! Now, I don’t need to read all of these so the one that I really want to get is for green on the dust jacket or a book with your favorite color on the spine (which is also green).

51P6LxIr9pLA book that has yellowed over timeThe Dragonbone Chair
My copy of The Dragonbone Chair is pretty old and it is DEFINITELY yellow! But it’s also pretty large and I have quite a few other large books on this TBR and I know I won’t be able to get to them all, so we’ll see what happens.


45046697A pristine book – Ruthless Gods
Holly specifically said that this is a book in perfect condition, which means NO REMAINDER MARK. So since I just recently ordered the Owlcrate edition for Ruthless Gods I figured it would fit perfectly for this prompt!


51geWHDf9JL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_A shiny book – Sorcery of Thorns
I mean, have you ever seen how shiny this cover is? I also have the Owlcrate edition of this book as well so it’s a nice, shiny purple! I also have this on audio which means I don’t have to read all these books physically.


71mvFVmSE2LFavorite color on the spine – Soul Keeper
I really wanted to read this book in May since it was sent to me by the publisher and I don’t want to put it off any longer! There is a tiny bit of green on the spine, and green is my favorite cover so it totally works!



50045239._SY475_Under 300 pages – Crown of Fire
I have this book through Kindle unlimited, and I thought that it sounded like something I may like. It comes in at 238 pages, so it’ll work for this prompt! I’m curious to see how similar this is to Sarah J Maas books since that’s what it’s been compared to, but then again a lot of books are these days.


31409135._SY475_Green on the cover – The Radium Girls
One of my 2020 goals is to read more nonfiction, and this definitely fits for both that goal and this prompt! I’m excited to read this because I find the subject to be really interesting so I’m hoping that I like this book and learn something from it.


81w2145StrLDragon on the cover – Stormrise
This is inspired by Twelfth Night and has been compared quite a bit to Mulan with dragons which sounds really interesting. It looks like this is a standalone and is just over 300 pages, so I’m wondering how much detail we will get for this one but I’m willing to give it a shot!



medievalathon weapons

91qgwaXKx7LSomething pointy on the cover – A Queen in Hiding
Not only does this book have a crown on it, but it also has thorns and both of those are pointy so it’s perfect for this prompt! This series follows an exiled princess who becomes a guerilla fighter who has to master her magic and take back her kingdom, and that’s always a plot that I enjoy!


six-crowsStart/finish a duology – Six of Crows
I read Six of Crows right when I started to realize that there was a book community online, but I was also finding so many other books that I had never heard of before so I honestly have no thoughts or feelings on this book, it was completely unmemorable. I want to see if my opinion of this changed, so I’ll be rereading it!


517B-C2SlNLA romance – The Wallflower Wager
I’ve been reading a lot more romance books recently because they’re easy to get through and don’t require as much brain power as some fantasy worlds do, and with my attention span struggling while being stuck at home all the time, this is the perfect book to add to this TBR!


91KzZWpgmyLA heavy book – The Way of Kings
Do I think I can actually manage to complete this massive book along with all the other books on this TBR? No. Am I going to try anyway? You bet I am! I have read a bit of this book previously, but I’m still very much in the beginning of the book so I don’t feel bad adding it to this readathon TBR.


45184216A book you have HIGH expectations for – The Crow Rider
I absolutely ADORED the first book in this series, The Storm Crow, so when I was approved for an ARC for The Crow Rider I was so excited! I’ve been wanting to read it since I got it, and this prompt is the perfect reason to read it because I think this will be a 5 star read for me!



medievalathon animals

81H6BrhOJ7LA scary book – The Hunger
I had this authors most recent book on my TBR, but when I saw this prompt I knew it was the perfect opportunity to read one of their older horror books! I know this is about the Donner party, which was a group of pioneers who became snowbound on their way west and resorted to cannibalism, and if that doesn’t sound like the perfect horror book then I don’t know what does.

s-l400A book high on your bookshelf – Poison Study
I actually had to get my step stool to get this book down from the top of my shelf, so I think I got if from a high enough shelf! This book is from one of my top 10 TBR authors, so it’s time that I finally start the series.


Buddy read with a friend – I don’t have a book for this prompt, I’ve never done a buddy read because I can never commit to finishing a specific book to talk about with someone!

91DEVM05j8LA book title that begins with a “C”–  The Court of Miracles
I was also approved on Netgalley for this book as well, and it’s said to be Les Miserables meets Six of Crows, and to me it reminds me a lot of The Hunchback of Notre Dame because of the title and the fact that it’s set in Paris! I’m really excited for this one, and I can’t wait to get into it!


obsidioA tall hardcover – Obsidio
I really really REALLY need to finish this series, so I’m giving myself no choice! I can probably finish this one in a day or two like the others in this series, so I think it’ll be perfect for this readathon! I’m a little nervous about how this series will end though…


81VNtes7mXLOrange on the dust jacket – Everything I Never Told You
Holly said that this could be anywhere on the cover OR the dust jacket, so I chose Everything I Never Told You because it’s short and there’s orange on the spine and a bit on the cover! I feel like I’ve read this book before, but I honestly can’t remember if I did or not but it’s perfect for a readathon.


Are you joining in on this readathon? I’d love to know if you are and what books you want to read!





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  1. indulgentreaders Avatar

    I am taking part in Medievalathon this year. I am really looking forward to it!!

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    1. Katie @ Melting Pages Avatar

      Yay! I hope you have fun! It’s my favorite readathon!


  2. evelynreads1 Avatar

    This sounds like such a fun readathon! I hope you have a great time!


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    1. Katie @ Melting Pages Avatar

      Thank you! It’s really fun, I participated last year and only missed one prompt!

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  3. lilisblissfulpages Avatar

    Goodluck on this readathon Katie. This readathon promises so much fun. Hope I can join but I know I’ll be too busy to keep up with the prompts. Plus my mood is ever-changing and that affects my reading. I don’t think I can focus on the prompts.

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    1. Katie @ Melting Pages Avatar

      I’m a mood reader too, so I’ll probably end up reading books other than the ones I originally picked out but I’ll still make them work for the prompts!


  4. journeyintobooks Avatar

    Great TBR I hope you enjoy the readathon 💜

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    1. Katie @ Melting Pages Avatar

      Thank you! It’s going to be so much fun!

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      1. journeyintobooks Avatar

        You’re welcome

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  5. booksare42 Avatar

    I’m also taking part! Good luck with your TBR!

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    1. Katie @ Melting Pages Avatar

      Thank you! And good luck to you as well!

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  6. thecritiquesofafangirl Avatar

    This is damn cool! I hope you have fun 💕

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