Turning Around My Unread Books

I got this idea from Holly over at Holly Hearts Books on YouTube. She's one of my favorite booktubers and is such a fantastic person! She has a video where she turned around all of her unread books and I thought it was such a fun idea and so satisfying to watch when she was … Continue reading Turning Around My Unread Books

First Ten Reviews

I saw this somewhere online (maybe it was a Top 10 Tuesday post?) and thought that it was a fun idea to talk about the first ten reviews I ever did on my blog! Once September comes I will be celebrating my 2 year blog anniversary, and what better way to lead up to that … Continue reading First Ten Reviews

Books I Love That Have Low Goodreads Ratings

I saw the lovely Kristin from Kristin Kraves Books make a post about the books she loves that don't have the best Goodreads ratings, and I thought that it would be fun to see which books I've loved that aren't necessarily popular on Goodreads myself! I usually check Goodreads before I think about buying a … Continue reading Books I Love That Have Low Goodreads Ratings

Self Published Fantasy on my TBR

I realized recently that self published authors don't get as much recognition as they deserve. There are a TON of self published authors out there whose works are just as good as their traditionally published counterparts, and I really wanted to highlight some of those amazing books and authors today! This list does also include … Continue reading Self Published Fantasy on my TBR

Exciting APRIL 2019 Releases

I decided that I want to change my most anticipated releases list that I do every three months a little bit. Instead of every three months, I want to start doing it monthly because I'm always hearing about new releases I'm excited for after I make the post and that means great books aren't making … Continue reading Exciting APRIL 2019 Releases