Worst Character Names

Don't you hate it when you're reading a book and suddenly, the characters name takes you right out of the story? Or the name is far too hard to pronounce so every time you see it, you just skip over it like it isn't even there? Well, recently I went to my twitter and asked … Continue reading Worst Character Names


2019 Reading Goals

Blogging has been really super difficult lately because my laptop isn't working and I've been trying to write blog posts on my phone, which is NOT FUN. But I'm finally getting around to writing up my 2019 reading goals! 1. Complete series that I have on my shelves There are a few series that I … Continue reading 2019 Reading Goals

Reading Slumps & Pressure to Read|Another Scatterbrained Discussion

Time for another rambling discussion post from yours truly! There are a few reasons why I wanted to talk about reading slumps today, the main reason being I feel like I'm entering into a reading slump, but not really? So what do I mean by not really? Well, ever since I've started blogging I feel … Continue reading Reading Slumps & Pressure to Read|Another Scatterbrained Discussion