April 2020 Releases

Today is the day I'm sharing all the books that I think sound interesting for the month of April! Like always, I am not including continuations of series that I haven't started yet, or books that are set in the same world as series that I haven't finished. This means you won't find The Girl … Continue reading April 2020 Releases

March 2020 Releases

Welcome back to another post about new releases! If you were unaware, I do monthly posts about upcoming new releases that sound interesting to me! You can find all the past months releases (as well as wrap ups and TBRs) on my releases, wrap ups, and TBRs page! I don't include sequels in series that … Continue reading March 2020 Releases

August 2019 Releases

I had this entire blog post written up, and then somehow WordPress deleted the entire thing after I saved it. I've been having problems with my blog lately, from saved drafts disappearing to suddenly unfollowing people! So if you've noticed that I unfollowed you, let me know because I definitely didn't do it on purpose. … Continue reading August 2019 Releases

July 2019 Releases – Better Late Than Never

I've been slacking so badly on my monthly releases posts and I feel kinda bad, not just because I want to show everyone what books I'm looking forward to but also because I use my own posts as references for which books are coming out when! So, better late than never for the releases that … Continue reading July 2019 Releases – Better Late Than Never