November 2018 Wrap Up

I mentioned a few times recently on Twitter that I’ve been in a reading slump lately, and my wrap up really proves that point! I also said that the break I took away from blogging was to do more reading, and while I technically did read, I never finished anything. It’s gonna be a pretty short post today, so let’s just hop right in!

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November 2018 Book Haul

I honestly didn’t think I bought this many books in November! From here on out, I am officially on a book buying ban. I will not place any more Book Outlet orders or books from Amazon with the exception of my preorders. We’ll see how this goes, but I’m going to try really hard! But you don’t want to know about that, you want to see the books I got!

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October Wrap Up

I didn’t read nearly as many books this month as I usually do, but that may be due to the fact that we are getting closer to the end of the year which means I’m getting closer to my Goodreads goal! I definitely think that I’ll pass that goal, but I just feel like maybe I should slow down and enjoy the books a bit more than just trying to crank them out.

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October 2018 Book Haul

Once again, I bought way too many books this month, but I’m excited for them all and the majority of them were from Book Outlet, which means that they were really cheap so I didn’t spend as much money as it looks like I did. And of course, the majority of these are fantasy books because that’s my favorite genre! So let’s just get right into it.

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September 2018 Wrap Up

I always think to myself at the end of the month that there is no way I read more than 5 books because I’m always starting books and then putting them down for another book, but when counting up my books read this month I was surprised to find that I finished 7 books this month!

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February Wrap-up

February was a pretty good reading month for me, I read a total of 6 books, all of which were fantasy:

  • one 2 star book
  • one 3 star book
  • one 4 star book
  • three 5 star books

The one star book was The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert, it just wasn’t for me and there was just not enough background information and world building for me to really get into it. I really thought it was going to be more of a fantasy book, but it felt like it was more along the lines of magical realism which I’m not really a fan of. To see my full review, click here.

My three star book was Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. I really enjoyed this book, but I couldn’t really connect with the characters the way I wanted to. I liked the writing style and the book flew by, and I’m currently in the middle of the second book, Rebel Spring. To check out my full review of Falling Kingdoms, click here.

My four star book was The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli. I loved the dragons and how they needed to hear the old stories to become stronger, but I did not like the main character Asha which is why this ended up being a 4 star read instead of a five star read. I’m really looking forward to the second book in this series. Check out my full review here.

My first five star book was Furyborn by Claire Legrand. This book got my heart racing and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! I was able to get an e-galley of this book, so I wasn’t able to get the full effect of the book (such as a map, which I’m really hoping the finished copies have!) I’m planning on buying the finished copy because this is most likely going to be one of my top reads of 2018. Check out my full review here.

The next five star book I read was Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames, and it was a hilarious fantasy novel! This was my first ever fantasy novel that had a lot of humor in it, and I immediately went out and bought a whole bunch of funny fantasy novels. This was one of my favorite reads so far this year, and I’m anxiously awaiting the companion novel, Bloody Rose which is expected to be released July 10, 2018. Check out my full review here.

Last by not least, I read The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross. This five star read was really unique and interesting. The descriptions in this book were beautiful, not too much, but just enough to really feel like you are there and experiencing what the characters are doing and feeling. It seemed like there were influences from Scottish and French cultures, with one land being more clan/warrior like and the other being more refined and high society. This is the first book in a new trilogy, but there are no dates or titles for the next books in the series yet. To check out my full review, click here.


That’s it for my February wrap up! Have you read any of these books? Did you add a few more to your TBR list? Comment and let me know!